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We provide analytics and insights

We help companies transform customer insights into business value, and make data-driven business decisions that improve customer experience and sales performance

Our focus lies in the understanding of customer behavior and how this affects your business results. Company value comes from making better and faster data-driven decisions, and the ability to proactively and regularly adjust business concept, product offering, merchandising and operations accordingly.

Our clients work within retail, real estate and health service amongst others. We support our clients with the insights and the technology needed to gather and analyze the data. We also offer a variety of intelligent digital solutions and AR/VR technology that improve customer engagement and experience in store.

Customer insights are the key to making the right decisions.

Get to know your customer

With our flow, footfall, counting and audience analytics you will uncover each stores potential for improvement, and whether it is related to traffic or operational issues.

Heatmaps, footfall and passes-by counting

Compare footfall inside and outside your location. Learn whether your business is in the right location, and put your window displays and promotions to the test.

Learn how customers walk around your store, and spot overcrowded, congested and underused floor areas. Learn from the data you collect and make data-driven decisions about your store layout, products and campaign positioning, merchandising, and staffing amongst others.

Audience Analytics

Use anonymous facial detection to learn about your customers, their dwell time in front of Digital Signage and the effectiveness of your POS materials.

Audience analytics identifies the most successful campaign content and measures how many people walks past a digital sign, how long they spend looking at it, their gender and age range amongst other. This Solutions used together with Digital Signage, allows you to target male and female audiences and age groups directly, and can be integrated into dressing rooms, walls, shop windows, cinemas, restaurants and airport areas amongst other.

Receive valuable insights

Be qualified to make decisions based on insights, not “gut feeling”. Receive valuable insights to use in business innovation, operations, marketing and benchmarking between stores.
The benefits of insights lets you:
  • Improve operational efficiency (opening hours, marketing spending, staffing).
  • Apply best practices across stores.
  • Identify, test and implement store layouts and concepts that improve customer engagement and sales.
  • Close the gap between stores by creating benchmarks and setting relevant KPI’s.

Select the right solution


Increase customer insights and engagement from a variety of our tools and solutions. The benefits of our Digital Signage Solutions lets you plan, manage and distribute content on our digital signage networks, no more printing and freight costs, late updates and poor local implementation in store.

We also offer Analytics Display which gives you full update on customer behavior and demographics data in your stores. Our Lift and learn solution, and the 1:1 communication through beacons, are one of our most popular products, often used in combination with our “plug and play” Retail Communication platform and Loyalty app.

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