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3 steps to data-driven decisions


Your business strategy and goals, and implement the right analytics and technology solution to support these goals.


Detract valuable insight from the data gathered and identify areas of business potential. Enable data-driven business decisions in your organization and act.


your business results by implementing intelligent digital solutions that target areas of potential, i.e CMS/ content management platforms, intelligent digital signage, 1:1 customer communication via beacon technology, lift and learn solutions for product information and engagement, APP and AR campaigns and much more.

Our products and services consist of tailored projects for all business sizes or plug and play digital signage and analytics solutions for small to medium-sized retail and corporate customers.

Custom Projects

We tailor projects according to business needs and goals, and implement the software analytics and hardware solutions that support your business ambitions. Our clients work within a diversity of industries, however we have a majority of businesses in retail, real estate, and health.

Mybloo - Analytics and Communication Tools

Mybloo is digital signage and communication solution for small to medium sized retailers and businesses.

The plug and play solution contains intelligent digital screens, website and mobile app, beacon technology to target customers with personalized offers, an unique qr-code to include into your communication and of course video analytics to target the communication based on customer demographics.

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