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Custom project

For retail chains, stores, malls, outlets, fairs and exhibitions
The approach is customized to business needs. In general we go through these phases:

Our projects typically start with business strategy and defining kpi’s based on business goals. Then we identify which type of analytics solutions that will provide the right insights. Insights reveals customer behavior and demographics, and puts your business in the best position to answer to customer needs and expectations. Our hardware solutions are implemented to resolve these needs, and we deliver state of the art retail solutions that enhance customer engagement, interactivity, 1:1 communication and more. We work closely with top suppliers within the analytics software, solution hardware and IoT industry. Our motto is – speed as a habit, and we strive to stay ahead in the age of digitalization.


  • Clarifying business strategy, goals and business pain points.
  • Defining KPI’s.
  • Identify the right analytics solutions to provide the right insights.
  • Implementation of sensors in stores and gathering shopper/customer/user data.
  • Analyzing data, reporting, counseling.
  • Make data-driven decisions.
  • Adjust concept, operations and implement solutions to improve business results
  • Ongoing insights, evaluation and business improvement

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