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The Benefits of Digital Signage Touchscreens

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We are now familiar with touchscreens, thanks partly to daily mobile phone usage. And this trend continues to expand. No wonder many are already calling post-Millenials the touch generation. As digital signage evolves, interactive touchscreen technology is essential for the most up-to-date solutions. These screens allow customers to feel more familiar with the brand, and give them the comfort of a more personalized, participatory shopping experience.

The IV Estudio Anual de Digital Signage (Fourth Annual Digital Signage Study), published recently by IAB Spain, noted that 88% of survey respondents believed touchscreens convey modernity, innovation, differentiation and originality. Similarly, 87% were attracted to digital signs because of their creative content, while 82% were attracted by the up-to-date offers. 83% of those surveyed believe this type of signage improved the brand’s image, 71% said they remembered content longer, and 55% said it influenced their purchases. According to the study, the main attractions drawing customers to interact with digital advertising are incentives (offers and contests), and interesting, useful and quality content. Digital signage is indispensable for brands and stores because it means customers can interact with a creative catalog, which translates into touchscreen purchases.

Here are some of the advantages of using touchscreens for both stores and customers:

1 – Attractive technology

In this era of digitization, people like taking advantage of the possibilities provided by technology. Touchscreens therefore make ads interactive and communicative. This allows customers to connect with brands and products naturally and voluntarily. Upgrade or die: static signs are a thing of the past! Digital signage attracts more customers, even due to simple curiosity about interacting with the screens.

2 – Save time, space… and money

Using digital signage touchscreens allows people to interact with the information that interests them quickly, without the need for external accessories like keyboards and mice. Speedy customer service is vital for a good brand image. These screens are therefore extremely useful as a catalog in stores where the large quantity of customers makes it harder for employees to provide perfect service. Touchscreens can also provide a range of solutions in one place, avoiding the need for multiple signs showing different information. This allows for more flexible store layout, increases efficiency and supports employees.

3 – Improve the customer shopping experience and engagement

Touchscreens help capture and sustain the attention of increasingly distracted customers. They also provide personalized service and easy-to-use interactions. The ability to tailor service to each customer makes the whole shopping experience unique and pleasant. For example, customers can select the language they prefer. This basic choice is not always an option in traditional stores. Personalized and interactive experiences allow customers to share their opinions at points of sale more quickly with on-screen evaluations (using the Customer Feedback Survey), which can be very beneficial to the store. The wide range of possibilities offered by intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreen design helps everyone, regardless of their tech skills.

Screens can therefore increase engagement between the customer and the brand. Engagement is based on creating consumer loyalty and motivation, to make them feel like part of the brand. This turns them into ambassadors who attract more customers. Touchscreens increase customer interest in products and services. This modern solution adds value and makes customers feel more comfortable.

4 – Empower customers

Today’s customers want the freedom to examine different products when they enter a store, but they also like being informed of the latest updates and offers available. They want the autonomy to serve themselves as well as the power to look at what interests them and skip what doesn’t. Touchscreens set up like interactive kiosks are the perfect solution to allow customers to access store information as soon as they walk in. They allow customers to communicate directly with the brand, giving them access to information and services, allowing them to print tickets and coupons, find relevant information or view store maps. Then customers can continue shopping in a more humanized store environment.

5 – Promotional tool

Advertising is not the first thing customers look for when interacting with digital signage. However, displaying attractive ads on interactive digital signage calls customers to buy and brings them more trustworthy content. This is because customers can consciously and voluntarily click on the screen.

6 – Low-maintenance

Touchscreens and digital signage are designed to sustain frequent use, and are durable enough to be used outdoors. Depending on the software used to update the screens, content can be managed automatically and remotely with a centralized system that covers the entire digital marketing plan.

Interactive digital signage combined with touchscreens are therefore intuitive and easy-to-use. Touchscreens allow you to get the most out of your digital signage as a brand and a company.

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